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It is the year 2100 A.D. The world is devastated by war...World War III to be exact. No one really remembers what started the thirty year war - all they know is that there was no intention to stop...that there was no way to go than forward until one side had won.

The war is divided by two sides, the Western Union and the Eastern Union. In the west, the only governments that remain remotely in-tact are America and Great Britain while in the east, Russia and China still hold strong.

However, our story does not focus on these two sides. The Western and Eastern Unions are merely minor cast in a larger theatre.

While the rumors of black magic remained mere rumors during World War II, it became apparent in the last large scale battles of this third world war that black magic was in use - and it became the ultimate destroyer of nations.

With the destruction of the world by such sinister means, the reincarnations of past heroes have been called to awaken and remember their pasts and recover their abilities and powers. Namely, the king that died for his beloved country and vowed to return when he was needed again.

The Knights of the Round Table now slowly awaken to find that their ranks, along with others who may have been heroes being picked off one by one. Their goal now is to find their King before his would-be assassins do, all while recruiting the aid of talented people and even other legendary heroes. However important this task is, old feelings die hard and the split of the Round Table was never forgotten.

Calisto who remembers his life as Bedivere, Arthur’s right-hand-man, and Peter who remembers his life as Lancelot, traitor of Arthur, both had different views and their own ideas of how to save their king. The one lifetime friendship broke away as their past life’s conflict splits them to their own paths.

Who will you follow? The King’s Shield...or the King’s Blade?

D E T A I L E D   S E T T I N G

The world is torn by the war - the only cities that remain fully in tact are Washington DC, Moscow and Beijing. During the recent attack, London and Shanghai were both leveled. People in general are scarce and usually found in small refugee camps - some funded by the remaining governments and some working on their own. These camps are usually suspicious of outsiders - theft, murder and rape have become a huge fear against those who are strangers.

Casualties are numerous and travel through ruined cities and roads will often be met with gangs and bandits preying on the weak. The only reliable transportation is on horseback or cattle as any gas-fueled vehicle would run out of fuel with almost nowhere to refill
Though the governments and various 'good-willed' mercenary groups scattered about try and provide food and medicine to those in need, many groups scattered around the globe go hungry and some have even been known to resort to human flesh. These people often keep to themselves and try to hide their ‘lifestyle’ for fear that anyone who finds out may decide to kill them instead of risking being eaten. The earth is no longer suitable for agriculture and livestock is too precious now for traveling - the only food grown or raised is in special laboratories fashioned from old research centers. Most of these are government owned but some smaller more run-down ones may be occupied and operated by stronger mercenary groups.

Besides the chronic hunger, there is the radiation. Nuclear weapons were in use very early in the war and were one of the greatest destroyers of the world, only second to the destructive magic. Everyone alive suffers from radiation in their system - however, thankfully there is a medication supplied through the government that fights it off, allowing the sufferer to live quite normally. This medication does not cure the infliction, only keeps it at bay and the radiation will eventually destroy the body if one does not keep up their dosage. Due to this, many civilians have died from lack of supply.

The only remotely civil organizations now are the governments of America, Britain, Russia and China, as well as some few mercenary groups that roam the world, including the King’s Shield and King’s Blade. Unless you live in the in tact cities, chances are you came from a refugee camp or a highway gang. There are the occasional stragglers, but they usually don’t last long even if taken into medical care after being found.

The war now has been whittled down to small skirmishes among ruins and broken fields. Tanks and aircraft are very scarce and governments use them very sparingly as there is very limited fuel and resources to refill or rebuild such machinery. Scrap metal and oil now run the ‘economy’ of the world. The governments and mercenary groups are known to pay in bulk food, water and medication for anything salvaged. Then again, this also means that many people are killed while fighting for a simple piece of metal or a drop of oil.
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